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we currently have three lines of shrimp but having our own boats and processing center allows us to customize orders specific to your needs.  contact us for more information.

arizona's number one source for wild, local shrimp.

from our boats to your kitchen.

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My family’s time in the fishing industry began with my grandfather, Salvador Cabrales Montijo–a diligent and enterprising carpenter who started his career as a fisherman, and eventually an apprentice marine carpenter when he left school at age 9. 


In 1946, with 11 years of experience, my grandfather began building boats on the estuaries of Puerto Peñasco, and our family’s shipyard was born. Over the years, my grandfather worked tirelessly to build over 600 commercial fishing and pleasure boats for clients in Mexico and all over the world. 


By 1970, at the age of 18, my father, Salvador Cabrales Noriega, joined forces with my grandfather. Together, the two implemented steel boat construction and expanded into fishing for shrimp using boats they built themselves. Soon, their fleet grew, and the fishing company was supplying shrimp from the Sea of Cortez to all corners of the U.S.A.  By 2001, my brother, Salvador Cabrales III, and I continued the family tradition, working side by side with my father and grandfather.


In 2014, we were eager to grow. We added seafood processing to our repertoire, which allowed us complete control over the treatment, packaging, and distribution of our product and to maximize sustainability and eco-friendliness. 


Our fishing company has a fleet of seven boats, with one new boat currently under construction. I personally oversee the processing of all shrimp that comes from our boats. Today, my husband, Cliff Bendau, and I supply the finest shrimp in the world to local foodservice companies while maintaining the strictest standards in the industry to ensure minimal environmental impact.


We know not all shrimp are created equal. Experience Arizona’s number one source for wild, local shrimp. From our boats to your kitchen: Go fresh. Go local. Go wild. 

Phoenix Team:

Cliff (also known as Mr. Shrimp) - Baron, Ambassador, and deliveries.

Leah - Lifer *we are suspicious of actual duties.

Robert - Creative genius, Social media guru, and deliveries.




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instagram feed




our processing plant:

marpesca de puerto peñasco

ave. aquiles serdan entre estevan pivac y gmo. munro #362 col. oriente c.p. 83553

puerto peñasco, son. mexico

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